Military Customer

Our way of giving back

Our supply-chain handles the warehousing, as well as transportation logistic that reach 1100+ military stores worldwide with 10 distribution centers in the United States that serve over 11 million patrons in 30 different countries with chilled, frozen, and dry consumer products.

Honoring Those Who Serve

We value those who serve and fight for our freedoms. In order to build a Global Solution, we believe that we need to give back to those who serve and honor those who have served. Our management of global resources and relationships brings brand name products from the manufacturer straight to the patrons. Providing patrons with products at a savings over retail is how we give back.

Supplying the department of defense

We deliver brand name consumer products to their military grocer (commissary), mass (exchange), convenience (express), and ecommerce formats.

Supplying the department of defense: Veterans Canteen Service Supplying the department of defense: Exchange Supplying the department of defense: Commissary Supplying the department of defense: Coast Guard Exchange Supplying the department of defense: Navy Exchange Supplying the department of defense: Marine Corps Exchange

Military Channels

We distribute our products into a variety of accessible military channels.

Grocery (Commissary)

DeCa oversees the operation of all military commissaries worldwide. Our government contracts and ten distribution centers ensure that we reach every DeCa commissary in their system.

Convenience Stores

Convenience Stores are under the direction of its affiliated Exchange Service. These stores offer easily consumable foods for troops, and our supply chain allows access to over 250 new points of distribution in this segment alone.


Military Exchanges offer electronics, jewelry, automotive, and clothing products. We have relationships with all exchange headquarters as well as multiple distribution methods to all points of sale.


Online shopping is affecting home delivery as well as military delivery. Our supply-chain system is at the forefront of of fulfilling online orders for food, HBC, and general merchandise for our military patrons.

Packages/Services Include:

  • Ordering, Routing, and Logistics
  • Planned Orders for Special Events
  • Purchase Order Processing with EDI Technology
  • Inventory Stock Levels and Rotation
  • Distributor/Warehouse Management
  • And More!

Great benefits to the manufacturer

  • An easy entrance into the complex military channel of trade
  • Improved Cash Flow
  • Government audits eliminated
  • No costly IT Investments


We do business differently, and that is how we remain an industry leader.

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Domestic Retail

We help get your product on the retailer shelves from coast-to-coast.

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Export Sales

We've developed a unique program with a dedicated sales team around the world in over 50 countries.

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