How we do things gets results

We do business differently, and that is how we remain an industry leader, keep our clients happy, and grow their brands across the globe. We’ll show you our process so you can get an in-depth understanding of how we are building a Global Solution with our Domestic and Export services.

Getting from point A to C is a lot easier when we are point B

We know you have a great product that you want in stores. For that reason, each network of relationships is extremely crucial to reach your goal. We know the process from beginning to end, and our key partnerships leverage the front and back end of the market to get your product where it needs to go.

A: Product Not On Shelves

Product Not On Shelves

The starting point. Our clients wish to move their product to stores, but it is more difficult than it seems. In order for this to happen, an in-depth understanding of go to market strategies and key network relationships with distributors and retailers are necessary.

B: We Work Our Magic

We Work Our Magic

Global has a comprehensive understanding. We know the types of products distributors believe are compelling and would have good sales potential. We leverage this information and our relationships to grow your sales and brand as a whole.

C: Product On Shelves

Product On Shelves

We work with our clients to set realistic expectations for their productʼs distribution. Our great relationships, along with our market knowledge, make the journey of your product a worthwhile one.

We have an approach that puts marketing first

We are constantly building relationships with go to market retailers, and distributors across the globe. We promote products in different markets strategically to lengthen and strengthen the life of brands.

Vertical Sales Strategy

Other companies take a horizontal approach by selling to as many customers as possible as quickly as possible. Vertical distribution enables brands to grow strategically. Distributors are given the opportunity to adopt and keep items long-term by driving retailer demand through thoughtful market programs and promotions.

Go-To Market Strategy

Our leading approach connects your brand to key selling areas such as trade shows, international expos, tabletops, and regional sales events. We target specific consumer profiles to ensure that your brand is entering strategic store locations. Timelines and accurate projects are developed to spur sales growth, and our promotional plans produce results in each diverse channel we touch.

Exceptional Knowledge of the Global Market

Our dedicated sales team goes the distance. Our account managers ensure face-to-face connections are made as they present new items, promotions, and marketing plans. Frequent changes occur to import/export regulations, and our team is proactive in updating our decision making process to match current trends.

Detailed Distributor and Retailer Roadmaps

  • A clear plan is developed to develop your brand on a national and international level.
  • We have a strong understanding of the many types of products and how distributors and retailers view and interact with them.

  • We will create a roadmap strategy to include promotional plans and sales program support.

How We Get Results

  • We streamline your efficiencies and logistics for each of the diverse channels we touch with only one relationship.
  • We have a complete understanding of retailer formats, go to market strategizes and store clustering agendas.
  • Our sales plans are developed to identify realistic objectives for retail targets nationwide and internationally.
  • We execute all necessary start up and alignment activities needed at retailer and distributor level.

Domestic Retail

We help get your product on retailer shelves retailers from coast-to-coast.

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Export Sales

We've developed a unique program with a dedicated sales team around the world in over 50 countries.

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Military Customer

We've partnered to deliver brand name consumer goods to the military channel.

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